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save your diamond from spoiling
11 June

5 Easy ways to save your diamond jewelry from spoiling


Diamond is a form of carbon and has a very hard and tough natural material. Beside this fact, diamond loses its beauty or sometimes gives an oily or yellowish look if used rough. One must take care of precious jewelry and should not wear it while doing heavy tasks. It would not lose its charm and beauty if you will take the following steps in consideration.

1. Remove your jewelry while taking a shower

To avoid losing the shine or radiance of the diamond one must take it off before taking shower. Soaps and detergents could damage the appearance and surface of the diamond. Daily usage of soap could produce a filmy layer on stone that would result in giving a dull appearance.

2. Take off your diamond jewelry while applying make-up

Make-up is a part of one’s personality, if you are habitual of wearing make-up or even if you apply it on daily basis, then you must take your jewelry off while applying or make-up. It would be better to put on your jewelry after applying make-up. The cosmetics that we use in make-up contain such harmful chemicals that could affect the shine of the diamond. Moreover, those products that contain fragrance should be kept away from the jewelry. Like hairsprays, scents or body sprays.

3. Do not wear diamond while cooking or working in kitchen

If you are heading towards kitchen to cook or wash something, then you must take off your jewelry. This will help in preventing your jewelry getting damaged or broken. Even a slight knock on your valuable could lead to scuffing or scratches. One should avoid wearing jewelry while working on heavy duty tasks like gardening or cleaning.

4. Avoid wearing any diamond jewelry while swimming

One should leave the precious jewelry at home if he is going to take a swim. This will give you a relaxing feeling and you would not bother to search your purse repeatedly. Moreover, the fear of damaging your metal by keeping it in chlorinated water would also be diminished.

5. Game time

All games that include pressure increase the risk of damaging your jewelry. One must not wear any kind of jewelry while playing hard.

By keeping the above suggestions in mind, one could save his jewelry from being spoiled. Still, if you have questions in your mind then you must pay a visit to your jeweler for its setting.



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