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At Lion Diamonds, our primary goal is to give you the top quality diamonds, jewelry of all types, and timepieces at highly competitive rates.

We are one of the biggest diamond providers across the world. Our outreach goes way beyond throughout the globe, and we are well renowned for the best and most exceptional diamonds in the industry.

Dealing with our company, you will find out that our high quality diamonds are always certified by some of the most renowned grading labs on the planet. Plus, with our help, you can have your diamonds customized. We can also provide you your favorite timepiece, ring design, earring, and pendant!

The process we follow begins upon identification of our customers’ interests, after which we provide you a wide range of options to choose from. The main goal of our service is to simplify your jewelry research. And we do so by paying the highest regards to customer satisfaction. We know for a fact that we can’t do anything unless our customers are happy. You will see these values reflected in the excellence of our knowledgeable staff, ongoing referrals, and returning customers.

The History of Diamonds

The initially recorded presentation of a jewel engagement ring was in 1477, when Archduke Maximilian of Austria proposed marriage to Mary of Burgundy. In spite of the fact that engagement rings were normal as of then, precious stones were an irregularity and were saved for sovereignty and the upper exclusive class.

In 1947, DeBeers dispatched the administrations of N.W. Ayer, a famous advertising agency, and the trademark “A diamond is forever” was authored. The reason of this extensive scale showcasing battle was the proposal that jewels ought to be the main decision for engagement rings. The DeBeers promotional battle was fiercely effective, and was a contributing variable to today’s across the board grasping of the custom of precious stone engagement rings.

With the surge in fame of the valuable stone, numerous organizations and associations started battles to instruct gem specialists and customers about what to search for when selecting a jewel. As gem dealers explored different avenues regarding approaches to improve the jewel’s visual features and presentation, new cutting methods were received to help expand the stone’s splendor. Over the long run, a few conspicuous shapes rose as the most mainstream mixtures, including round, oval, marquise, square (princess), and rectangular (emerald).

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