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Lion Diamonds Group sells genuine loose diamonds, certified by GIA.

Tips on Choosing a Loose Diamond

Before you buy loose diamonds, it’s best to familiarize yourself with the industry criteria for placing values on these precious stones. Clarity, Cut, Color, and Carat are the “four C’s” that the diamond industry depends on to categorize almost every aspect of almost any diamond. Here’s a brief summary of what it’s all about:

Buy Loose Diamonds

  • Clarity – Diamond experts rate a stone’s clarity in tiny increments, but a mid-range choice will almost always look perfectly clear for a one-carat stone or smaller.
  • Cut – These ratings go from Poor to Excellent. Avoid buying a loose diamond with a “poor” rating.
  • Color – While a near-colorless rating makes a loose diamond more valuable, a stone with a lower rating often looks just as pure and brilliant to the untrained eye.
  • Carat – The diamond’s carat rating represents its size, which is usually predetermined by the ring design.

Why Buy Loose Diamonds for a Custom Ring?

One of the most fail-proof ways to buy a diamond ring is to have it custom-made to fit your every flight of fancy, as well as your every price point. Choosing the setting is fun and largely a matter of budget and taste. However, the idea of buying loose diamonds for a custom ring can be very intimidating and that’s where Lion Diamonds, NYC’s top diamond supplier, comes in.

Often, a diamond ring that has been custom made with your individual choice of loose diamonds and the perfect setting will end up costing significantly less than a new diamond ring you buy from a jewelry store. You may even save enough money by purchasing loose diamonds online to cover the cost of the setting.

Let us help you figure this all out. We are lifetime family diamond experts with 45 years of experience to draw from. Start your journey here or call us at 844-442-3426.