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Buying An Engagement Ring

Buying an Engagement Ring – Not for the Faint at Heart

Your heart knows. And if you’re the kind of man who can listen to your heart, then you know too. It’s time to seek out and capture the perfect engagement ring, the way you captured her heart.

Buying An Engagement Ring

Now That You’ve Decided…

Once you’ve decided it’s time, you will want to form an idea of what kind of engagement ring to buy. Should it be yellow gold or white gold? Would a classic diamond solitaire be the right choice or might a beautiful birthstone surrounded by small diamonds be more personal?  What’s her ring size?

You can dig around for these answers by asking her mom or her friends, and even checking out her jewelry box when she’s not looking. Notice whether she seems to prefer a certain type of jewelry, such as modernistic, classically simple, or pieces with a vintage flair.

How Much?

Before the last recession, the usual advice was to spend about what you would make in three months on your job. Today, depending on your situation, it might be less. As a rule of thumb, you can’t go wrong spending just a little more than you think you can afford. This is the big one, after all.

If money is no object when buying an engagement ring, why not design the ring and let us create it for you? You’re about to launch into the dream of a lifetime with your soul mate, so dream big!

Just Let Go

Your wife-to-be loves you because you know when to listen to your head… and when to give favor to your heart. When you know, you know. Don’t hold back. Let yourself go. Lion Diamonds Group will be waiting for you in Manhattan or Brooklyn, or check out our sparkly goods online at Diamond Buyer NYC.