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The bold beauty and the darling diamonds- 4C’s every diamond lover should know

The glory of a diamond is amplified when it reflects the light in such a magical way that everyone in its surroundings got under its spell.

Nobody could tell the quality of a diamond without mastering in this art. It requires special training and experience to grade the quality of a diamond. Only a trained eye could evaluate the diamond by using the fantastic 4C formula.

The fantastic 4C’s formula

Cut, color, clarity, and carat; you cannot judge a quality of a diamond without a 4C formula.

Cut of a diamond

The deep beauty of a diamond is recognized when it has a sophisticated and delicate cut with a correct angle. It all revolves around the cuts and facets. ip address If the diamond has a right cut, then it would definitely reflect the light in a right proportion and if the cut is deep or shallow, then the diamond will lose its beauty and will not be able to reflect the light properly. Diamonds, depending upon their shapes range from round, princess, pear, or Marquise, every shape demands a different kind of cut. The cut is made in a way that the light should enter and disperse from its top facets. Cutting and polishing a diamond give it a new look and add to the beauty of a diamond.

Color of a diamond

Diamond is blessed with all seven-rainbow colors. Nevertheless, people prefer white diamonds on any other color. Colorless diamonds allow light to pass through them. According to GIA (gemological institute of America), the white diamonds could be ranked using a D to Z scale. This scale discriminates the color from light yellow to colorless diamonds.

Flawless to imperfect 3

The next step to grade a diamond is its clarity. GIA judges the clarity by viewing the diamond under 10 powers, or 10x. The standard scale ranks the diamond from “flawless to imperfect 3”. It looks for all the flaws and their locations. It helps in analyzing the clarity of a diamond.


The relationship between the carat and diamond is direct and positive. The carat is the weight of the diamond, for example,

1carat = 1point

100 carat=100 points

It goes this way. If you increase the weight of the diamond, the price of the diamond would also be increased. ask women . Therefore, it is very simple to weigh the diamond.

Diamond according to the 4C formula could easily be appraised.

The ultimate guide to shopping a diamond

Shopping a diamond is not really a hard job to do if you have collected the necessary information about the diamond’s quality and are familiar with the special 4C’s. The special 4C’s include color, cut, clarity, and carat. One thing must be kept in mind that a common person cannot grade a diamond.

Plan a Budget

Flawless and perfect diamonds are not only rare but also costly. By staying in your budget constraint, you could buy a brilliant diamond that is not perfect in a microscopic observation, but is perfect for a naked eye.

Let us discuss all 4 C’s to discover the facts of an original diamond.


Colorful diamonds always attract the visitors. For example, a black diamond or a red ruby will always grab your attention however; the most expensive diamond is the one that has no color. Colorless diamonds reflect more light as compared to tinted ones; therefore, they are more expensive and rare. If you are going to buy a colorless diamond, then do not bother to look for a perfect colorless diamond. You should prefer to buy a diamond that is colorless for a naked eye, but is slightly tinted or yellowish under a microscope. It would not make any difference in quality and your choice but would surely make a huge difference in its price. D grade diamonds are considered very high quality diamonds.


The beauty of a diamond depends upon its cut. A cut on top facets is considered an ideal cut because in this case the light enters from the top and reflects in all dimensions allowing the diamond to shimmer in all his glory while a deep or shallow cut does not let the light reflect completely and the diamond loses its beauty.


This “C” is associated with the purity of a diamond. Some diamonds have inclusions and based on these inclusions, they are graded as perfect or imperfect. A very few diamonds are free of inclusions. Flawless diamonds are very rare and expensive.


Carat or weight of a diamond has nothing to do with the quality of a diamond. It is only something that depends upon your budget. The heavier diamond will obviously be more expensive than the lighter one.

Other precautionary measures

  •  • Conduct a dedicated research to avoid getting expensive or low quality diamond.
  •  • Avoid shopping online.
  •  • Visit to registered companies only.
  •  • Read and observe the GIA grading report before buying

5 Easy ways to save your diamond jewelry from spoiling

Diamond is a form of carbon and has a very hard and tough natural material. Beside this fact, diamond loses its beauty or sometimes gives an oily or yellowish look if used rough. One must take care of precious jewelry and should not wear it while doing heavy tasks. It would not lose its charm and beauty if you will take the following steps in consideration.

1. Remove your jewelry while taking a shower

To avoid losing the shine or radiance of the diamond one must take it off before taking shower. Soaps and detergents could damage the appearance and surface of the diamond. Daily usage of soap could produce a filmy layer on stone that would result in giving a dull appearance.

2. Take off your diamond jewelry while applying make-up

Make-up is a part of one’s personality, if you are habitual of wearing make-up or even if you apply it on daily basis, then you must take your jewelry off while applying or make-up. It would be better to put on your jewelry after applying make-up. The cosmetics that we use in make-up contain such harmful chemicals that could affect the shine of the diamond. Moreover, those products that contain fragrance should be kept away from the jewelry. Like hairsprays, scents or body sprays.

3. Do not wear diamond while cooking or working in kitchen

If you are heading towards kitchen to cook or wash something, then you must take off your jewelry. This will help in preventing your jewelry getting damaged or broken. Even a slight knock on your valuable could lead to scuffing or scratches. One should avoid wearing jewelry while working on heavy duty tasks like gardening or cleaning.

4. Avoid wearing any diamond jewelry while swimming

One should leave the precious jewelry at home if he is going to take a swim. This will give you a relaxing feeling and you would not bother to search your purse repeatedly. Moreover, the fear of damaging your metal by keeping it in chlorinated water would also be diminished.

5. Game time

All games that include pressure increase the risk of damaging your jewelry. One must not wear any kind of jewelry while playing hard.

By keeping the above suggestions in mind, one could save his jewelry from being spoiled. Still, if you have questions in your mind then you must pay a visit to your jeweler for its setting.

How to tell if a diamond is fake or real: Easy tests that you can try

Are you curious to know about your diamond? Alternatively, are you thinking of buying a diamond online? If yes, then you must read this article, as this article contains necessary information about the originality of diamonds.

Before going further, one must have a fake and an original diamond to make a comparison. It will become easy to distinguish the real from the fake one. Let’s begin,

Home tests

First test
The fog test

Here is a very simple test. Take a stone, place it right in front of your mouth, and fog it. Just as if you are fogging a mirror and see, the fog will cover the stone. Contrary to this when you are holding a diamond, the diamond do not fog over and will stay crystal clear. This experiment easily tells you that diamond does not fog up easily and you will be able to know you are playing with original one or the fake one.

Second test
Mounted diamond

Try it. This is fun. Let’s see whether your diamond is mounted or not and the stone you are considering as a diamond is a genuine diamond or it is a CZ (cubic zirconia). Diamonds are tough and hard. It is not possible to break them at home, whereas stones could easily get scratches. Examine the stone and diamond under the magnifying glass and you will see the stone surface would show scuffing. Whereas diamond would be, free of scratches.

Third test
Weight test

Weigh the real and fake diamond one by one. You will see that CZ will be double in carats than the real diamond. The weight of real diamond 1.0ct is 200 milligrams.

Fourth test
The X-ray test

The original diamond does not appear in X-ray, while the fake gem would easily be seen in the test.

Fifth test
The dot test

Take a page and mark two dots on it at a same distance. Drag your stone and diamond on the page and place them on each dot. If you are able to see a circle in the stone, it means you are having a stone on that dot, whereas if you could not see anything through the stone then your stone is definitely a diamond.


  •  • It is hard to read a text on paper if you have placed a real diamond on it
  •  • Real diamonds sink in water, whereas the fake one will float
  •  • Take a heat probe test. Diamonds are heatproof and a real diamond would never shatter.

How to shop a diamond: An insight from an expert

“A beautiful diamond for a beautiful lady”

How does this sound to you? Do you feel very honored and loved? Yes, everybody does so. Diamond is not an ordinary gift. best places to visit One only gifts diamonds to his beloved.
Jewelry speaks of the dignity of its owner or wearer and diamond is a symbol of class. One can never deny the elegant beauty of a diamond. One feels himself royal by wearing one. Do you love diamonds and wondering to present it to someone? Then you must know the qualities of a diamond, color, clarity, carat, and cut.

By reading this article, you will know a lot about diamonds.

Beliefs related to birthstones

People have their own beliefs, personality traits, and style statements. A school of thought believes that by wearing their birthstone, they will stay safe from accidents and they find themselves lucky by wearing the sacred stone. April is affiliated with diamond as a birthstone. Diamond has the ability to show all colors, therefore it is said that diamond symbolizes luck, prosperity, and wealth. Moreover, due to its versatility and rarity it is regarded as the best and expensive gem.

The ultra-magnificent black diamonds

Nothing can match the dead gorgeous beauty of a bold and brilliant “Black diamond.” They are the most hard and tough diamonds. The thing I like about them is, they are extremely rare. People like to wear black diamond ring, or necklaces to tell their style statement. If you have a constraint budget and interested in getting a black diamond, then what you could do is, buy a pearl necklace and embed the diamond in the strand of pearls. This way, it would become affordable for you to wear a diamond necklace.

Shopping advices for buyers

Diamond is associated with romance and love. It is considered that it suits all women of all ages. It is the most precious gift one could give. Although, only an expert eye can tell the originality of a diamond, but you should check all of the 4 C’s before buying one.

Color: colorless diamonds reflect light form the top facets, therefore these are considered ideal.
Carat: carat is the measuring unit of a diamond. The diamond of high carats is expensive than the diamond with low carat.
Cut: diamonds have different shapes. The cuts of diamonds determine their value.
Clarity: it involves the perfections and imperfections. Flawless diamonds are most expensive diamonds.

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