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What You Need to Know about GIA Diamonds for Sale

Whether you go online or off to do your shopping for a diamond engagement ring, you are liable to encounter the phrase “GIA diamonds for sale.” The acronym stands for the Gemological Institute of America, but their greater meaning has to do with diamond appraisal and authentication. This article attempts to shed some light on why these three little letters are so all-important when shopping for a diamond ring.

Why Buy a GIA-Certified Diamond?

You may have your heart set on a diamond ring that is not GIA certified. That’s fine, but you may not be making the best investment. Here’s why:

  • Expert rating – A GIA-certified diamond report instantly provides a gemologist’s rating of various characteristics of the stone. Clarity, cut, carat and color—the famous “four Cs” of the diamond industry—are all exhaustively rated on the certification report. The report not only authenticates your diamond as genuine, but can also help you with related items such as insurance.
  • Flaw detection – Your GIA certification report will tell you whether the stone is without flaws. Some real diamonds may look perfect to the untrained eye, but a GIA-trained professional diamond appraiser can spot miniscule fractures that have been filled, greatly reducing the stone’s value.
  • World-recognized – GIA documentation is the industry standard throughout the world when grading diamond quality and pinpointing a diamond ring’s credentials. Such a report helps you make sure your diamond’s value will be accepted anywhere in the world.
  • Resell with ease – If you ever want to sell a GIA-certified diamond ring, your expert report will streamline the whole process considerably.

Report Factors Other than the 4 C’s

GIA certifications assess far more factors than just the four C’s. The finish, symmetry, fluorescence and cutting style are just a few points a professional appraisal will cover. Every item on the certificate represents an expert’s evaluation of the diamond’s character and quality. Read more about the 4 C’s here.

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