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Consider Her First when Buying a Solitaire Engagement Ring

So you’ve decided to buy a beautiful solitaire engagement ring. Once you’ve made that decision, you will immediately find yourself face to face with a multitude of other choices, some even more baffling than the one that started the whole process to begin with. Below are a few of them, and some tried-and-true approaches to wending your way through the maze of buying an engagement ring she will love for a lifetime.

Whose Choice Is it, Anyway?

Should you ask her to pick it out or surprise her? Should you sneak into her jewelry box to see what she likes? Should you ask her mom about her style? Her best friends?

If you decide not to surprise her, but instead to ask her to choose the ring, then she is more likely to be happy with the ring. This is the way most couples are going these days.

If you opt to surprise her, however, consider her preferences in fashion styles along with her lifestyle to hone in on the perfect diamond engagement ring.

The traditional girl loves classic styles, time-honored diamond rings like a big, beautiful solitaire flanked by two smaller diamonds. She tends to wear fairly expensive clothes that stay in style for years, rather than go out of fashion with the newest fad.

The fashionista will adore a solitare engagement ring that shows off her love of trendy, surprising designs, whether they are in clothing, hairstyles, or jewelry. Your engagement ring quest should take a less-travelled path, but should not stray into the territory of the unknown.

For the truly unique personality, virtually no diamond ring will be too far outside the little velvet box. Look for a setting and diamond combination that will mean something to her for decades to come, such as an heirloom or antique.

Keep your Mind Open

Even her choice in home décor will point clearly to her personal style, classic/traditional, modern/contemporary, or vintage/bohemian.

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