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Diamond Pendant Necklaces

Diamond Pendant Necklaces – Timeless and Wide Appeal

Pendant necklaces are those that dangle loosely from a chain, and usually contain a single central focal point, so that they draw the eye and hang correctly. Add to a pendant necklace the breathtaking magic of diamonds, and you have a gift presentation that’s a winner, every time.

Diamond Pendant Necklaces

When it comes to the enormous selection of diamond jewelry gift choices, one of the most-appreciated of all is a diamond pendant necklace. Diamond pendant necklaces have the widest appeal of just about any diamond jewelry. They are given to commemorate these events, and many more:

  • Graduation gift
  • Prom
  • Sweet 16
  • Wedding
  • Birthday
  • Anniversary
  • Mother’s Day
  • A very special thank you


First, the Shape

Because the options are so unlimited, it’s best to decide on a shape before anything else. For example, if you think a heart-shaped pendant suits the occasion best, you may only have a hundred options, as opposed to hundreds of thousands.

The All-Important Diamond

What kind of stone is embedded in the pendants that attract you? Do you know how its quality has been graded? At Lion Diamonds Group, we offer only genuine, certified diamond jewelry, appraised by a master gemologist. We can even provide you with a certificate that says so, for insurance, bequeathal, or future resale purposes.

The Also-Important Chain

When buying diamond pendant necklaces, one of the big decisions involves a factor that’s often overlooked: the chain. Should it be fine or flaunty? Gold or silver? This should be your first chain decision. Then decide on the proper length, short (choker), medium (princess), or long (opera). Both of these choices should be made after the pendant has been chosen, in order to combine the right metal and length with the pendant, proportionally and stylistically.

We recommend that you see one of the highly trained experts at Lion Diamonds before you make your final decision. We’ll take the time to talk with you and give you the benefit of our decades of experience in the jewelry industry.