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Diamond Tennis Bracelet

The tennis bracelet enjoys a marketing position among the highest-trending pieces of jewelry today, and within the genre, the diamond tennis bracelet is still the most popular type.

Diamond Tennis Bracelet

The history of tennis bracelets is an interesting one. As the story goes, famous tennis star Chris Evert dropped her diamond bracelet during a widely viewed televised game, which was stopped until the diamonds could be found on the court. Clever members of the media capitalized on the public-interest story, and the “tennis bracelet” was born.

You Don’t Have to Be a Tennis Star

Lightweight, durable, and luxurious without being gaudy, tennis bracelets appeal to many kinds of people, not just athletes. For instance, busy moms on the go love to wear them to any event, from watching their child’s soccer games to a romantic anniversary dinner with their husbands. Women who need to present a corporate or otherwise professional image find tennis bracelets perfect for both the office and relaxing with coworkers after work.

A Rigid Design for a Highly Flexible Style

Tennis bracelets have to be made a certain way in order to fall into the category. They consist of many small stones in a durable yet highly flexible in-line setting. This bracelet style is also called an “eternity bracelet.” The signature high-end version is designed with white diamonds, but other precious and semi-precious gems have found acceptance in this popular category, such as colorful birthstones and hued diamonds. Improvements recently incorporated by jewelry manufacturers include a delicate safety chain that acts as a fail-safe measure in case the clasp should break.

Diamond Tennis Bracelets Play Nice!

Diamond tennis bracelets complement your other diamond jewelry beautifully. Pair them with any diamond ring, necklace or earrings, and they will almost always enhance the set, rather than conflicting with it. It’s a good thing they’re so compatible, too, because most women never want to take them off, once they’ve put them on!

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