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Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

The Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring:
Glorious, yet demanding.

Emerald cut diamonds are some of the most popular, retaining their allure century after century. The shape is a stark rectangle, which allows for an exceptionally large, flat surface on top. This is called the “table.” These stones inevitably possess fewer facets than other cuts, but are real standouts in the crowd, due to their impressive visual effect.

Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

There are some striking advantages and disadvantages to choosing an emerald cut diamond:

Advantages: The step-like, repeated cuts of an emerald shaped diamond infuse the stone with a fascinating interplay of seemingly infinite reflections, something like the hall of mirrors in Versailles. The result evokes adjectives such as elegant, classic, and stunning. This type of diamond shape frequently offers a brighter outcome than others, simply because it has a larger top surface plane. The emerald cut diamond also appears larger than stones of the same size with different shapes.

Disadvantages: Because of the emerald cut’s wide-open “table” style, this stone emits fewer visible sparkles than one with more points, such as a round cut diamond. Jewelers often refer to this as a “less fiery” stone, but remember that what the emerald cut diamond lacks in brilliance, it makes up in drama and perceived size. Be sure to demand high clarity and a better-than-average color grade when you opt for an emerald cut diamond ring.

What the Experts Say

Expert gemologists evaluate an emerald cut diamond using very specific measurements for precise shape, color, and clarity. Lion Diamond Group uses only certified gemologists to appraise diamonds, either at our store or online.

The drama of an emerald cut diamond engagement ring is inescapable. If you are attracted to this very special cut, chances are your soul mate has plenty of flair, too.