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11 June

How to shop a diamond: An insight from an expert


“A beautiful diamond for a beautiful lady”

How does this sound to you? Do you feel very honored and loved? Yes, everybody does so. Diamond is not an ordinary gift. best places to visit One only gifts diamonds to his beloved.
Jewelry speaks of the dignity of its owner or wearer and diamond is a symbol of class. One can never deny the elegant beauty of a diamond. One feels himself royal by wearing one. Do you love diamonds and wondering to present it to someone? Then you must know the qualities of a diamond, color, clarity, carat, and cut.

By reading this article, you will know a lot about diamonds.

Beliefs related to birthstones

People have their own beliefs, personality traits, and style statements. A school of thought believes that by wearing their birthstone, they will stay safe from accidents and they find themselves lucky by wearing the sacred stone. April is affiliated with diamond as a birthstone. Diamond has the ability to show all colors, therefore it is said that diamond symbolizes luck, prosperity, and wealth. Moreover, due to its versatility and rarity it is regarded as the best and expensive gem.

The ultra-magnificent black diamonds

Nothing can match the dead gorgeous beauty of a bold and brilliant “Black diamond.” They are the most hard and tough diamonds. The thing I like about them is, they are extremely rare. People like to wear black diamond ring, or necklaces to tell their style statement. If you have a constraint budget and interested in getting a black diamond, then what you could do is, buy a pearl necklace and embed the diamond in the strand of pearls. This way, it would become affordable for you to wear a diamond necklace.

Shopping advices for buyers

Diamond is associated with romance and love. It is considered that it suits all women of all ages. It is the most precious gift one could give. Although, only an expert eye can tell the originality of a diamond, but you should check all of the 4 C’s before buying one.

Color: colorless diamonds reflect light form the top facets, therefore these are considered ideal.
Carat: carat is the measuring unit of a diamond. The diamond of high carats is expensive than the diamond with low carat.
Cut: diamonds have different shapes. The cuts of diamonds determine their value.
Clarity: it involves the perfections and imperfections. Flawless diamonds are most expensive diamonds.



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