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fake or real
11 June

How to tell if a diamond is fake or real: Easy tests that you can try


Are you curious to know about your diamond? Alternatively, are you thinking of buying a diamond online? If yes, then you must read this article, as this article contains necessary information about the originality of diamonds.

Before going further, one must have a fake and an original diamond to make a comparison. It will become easy to distinguish the real from the fake one. Let’s begin,

Home tests

First test
The fog test

Here is a very simple test. Take a stone, place it right in front of your mouth, and fog it. Just as if you are fogging a mirror and see, the fog will cover the stone. Contrary to this when you are holding a diamond, the diamond do not fog over and will stay crystal clear. This experiment easily tells you that diamond does not fog up easily and you will be able to know you are playing with original one or the fake one.

Second test
Mounted diamond

Try it. This is fun. Let’s see whether your diamond is mounted or not and the stone you are considering as a diamond is a genuine diamond or it is a CZ (cubic zirconia). Diamonds are tough and hard. It is not possible to break them at home, whereas stones could easily get scratches. Examine the stone and diamond under the magnifying glass and you will see the stone surface would show scuffing. Whereas diamond would be, free of scratches.

Third test
Weight test

Weigh the real and fake diamond one by one. You will see that CZ will be double in carats than the real diamond. The weight of real diamond 1.0ct is 200 milligrams.

Fourth test
The X-ray test

The original diamond does not appear in X-ray, while the fake gem would easily be seen in the test.

Fifth test
The dot test

Take a page and mark two dots on it at a same distance. Drag your stone and diamond on the page and place them on each dot. If you are able to see a circle in the stone, it means you are having a stone on that dot, whereas if you could not see anything through the stone then your stone is definitely a diamond.


  •  • It is hard to read a text on paper if you have placed a real diamond on it
  •  • Real diamonds sink in water, whereas the fake one will float
  •  • Take a heat probe test. Diamonds are heatproof and a real diamond would never shatter.



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