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Diamond Bracelets

Diamond bracelets are perfect for showing off the brilliance of your valued diamond. These bracelets are quite versatile and go along with almost anything. You can wear a pair of jeans, t-shirt, and sport diamond bracelets on top of them and you will definitely pull of a simple, yet extremely fashionable outlook. On the other hand, getting dressed up and pairing your outfit with decent bracelets is also quite elegant. So as you see, diamond bracelets work in almost any scenario.

The following are the types of diamond bracelets:

Bezel Diamond Bracelet

The bezel diamond bracelet is a modern bracelet featuring a round cut diamond sporting the setting of a half bezel.

2 Prong Bracelet

The 2 prong bracelet is a classic, featuring round cut of each diamond in the setting of two-prong.

Bezel Cluster Bracelet

Bezel cluster bracelet is yet another classic featuring an individual bezel that forms a cluster.

4 Prong Bracelet

The 4 prong bracelet is an evolved version of the 2 prong bracelet, which features a four-prong setting.