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Earring Guide

Earrings are extraordinary gifts of warmth or appreciation. Earrings arrive in a cluster of diverse outlines to suit even the most diverse tastes. Lion Diamonds offers an unlimited choice of earrings, including the following:

Stud Earrings

Stud earrings are the most straightforward, ageless, and flexible style. They envelop a jewel or other gemstone that seems, by all accounts, to be skimming on the front of the ear cartilage. Stud earrings most regularly highlight a solitaire jewel, however might feature a bunch of jewels.

Pendant Earrings

Pendant earrings come in different lengths. Lengths range from one centimeter from the ear cartilage to touching the shoulder. There are 2 sorts of pendant earrings: light fixture and drop earrings.

Circle Earrings

Circle earrings incorporate hoops that are fit as a fiddle of circles, crescents or ovals. They come in diverse lengths and boundaries. They are customarily all metal, however late patterns have made the studded band an exceptionally prominent decision.

Huggy Earrings

Huggy earrings, as the name suggests, embrace the ear cartilage. They come in all shapes and sizes, hearts and ovals being the most famous. Huggy earrings are most well known among young people in light of their casual and adaptable look.