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Loose Diamonds For Sale

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Whether you’re looking to upgrade a wedding ring, repair diamond jewelry, or create your own custom masterpiece, Lion Diamonds can help you zero in on the perfect stone among a galaxy of loose diamonds to choose from.

Loose Diamonds For Sale
Upgrading a Diamond Ring

More often than not, couples who decide to renew their vows later in life as a symbol of rededicating themselves to one another, will want to upgrade their diamond rings. An engagement ring bought in the blush of youth normally does not reflect the standard of living a couple enjoys after a decade or two of marriage.

Our expert gemologists can help you assess your diamond jewelry, talk with you to get an understanding of exactly what you want, and provide you with several different options well within your price range and styling descriptions.

Creating with Diamonds

Perhaps you or your significant other remembers an heirloom ring that was very meaningful and nostalgic, but can’t seem to find it anywhere.Our skilled experts are available to help you recreate that memory in the form of a customized diamond ring, using your choice of our vast collection of loose diamonds.

Got an idea of your own? We can custom-make your unique diamond rings from your drawing, photographs, or detailed explanation. We count on a huge selection of gorgeous loose diamonds for sale in every conceivable cut and a wide range of prices to fit your budget. Let us walk you through the maze of decision-making that is almost always the process involved in creating custom jewelry using loose diamonds.

Sometimes, an older piece of diamond jewelry will lose a stone that you want to replace. We can help you match it and mount it to perfection.

To get started, visit our Custom Engagement Rings page online. You won’t believe how much wearable beauty you can have in your life.