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Loose Diamonds for Sale

When it comes to choosing the ideal stone among all the possible kinds of loose diamonds for sale, prudence is the word for the day. The wonders of technology have recently exploded the diamond industry with the creation of simulations such as man-made diamonds in scientific laboratories. Unless you know the difference between genuine diamonds, lab-grown diamonds and cubic zirconia, you are likely to be disappointed.

Cultured Diamonds

These stones are “grown” in just a few days. They are virtually indistinguishable from real diamonds, and often superior to the stones that are mined from the earth in terms of flawlessness, thermal conductivity, and hardness.

Synthetic diamonds are used increasingly for industrial tooling where diamonds are the best choice. These tools typically rely on the strength and stability of lab-cultured diamond tips to dependably perform tasks such as cutting, drilling, and grinding.

But what about mad-made diamonds? Are they real?

The words used to describe these stones are misleading: cultured, grown, synthetic, all seem to describe a stone that is fake. However, the diamonds created in labs today are as real as those made by nature, deep under the earth. Their chemical makeup and physical properties are the same, and only the process that creates them differs.

Cubic Zircons

These familiar “stones” are not stones at all and, while familiar, economical, and pretty, they are not even close to real diamonds.

GIA-Certified Diamonds

For the safest choice among all the loose diamonds for sale on today’s market, buy only GIA-certified diamonds with a certificate. This insures that the stones are real, appraised by an expert gemologist, and valued accurately.

What’s the Bottom Line?

While lab-grown cultured diamonds are beautiful, they simply lack that mystical something which nature imparts and are not yet popular in fine jewelry settings. To be certain the diamonds you’re thinking about buying created over millions of years by nature, not by man in less than a week, have the stones evaluated by a certified gemologist. Lion Diamonds can do this for you in a snap.