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4csof diamond
11 June

The bold beauty and the darling diamonds- 4C’s every diamond lover should know


The glory of a diamond is amplified when it reflects the light in such a magical way that everyone in its surroundings got under its spell.

Nobody could tell the quality of a diamond without mastering in this art. It requires special training and experience to grade the quality of a diamond. Only a trained eye could evaluate the diamond by using the fantastic 4C formula.

The fantastic 4C’s formula

Cut, color, clarity, and carat; you cannot judge a quality of a diamond without a 4C formula.

Cut of a diamond

The deep beauty of a diamond is recognized when it has a sophisticated and delicate cut with a correct angle. It all revolves around the cuts and facets. ip address If the diamond has a right cut, then it would definitely reflect the light in a right proportion and if the cut is deep or shallow, then the diamond will lose its beauty and will not be able to reflect the light properly. Diamonds, depending upon their shapes range from round, princess, pear, or Marquise, every shape demands a different kind of cut. The cut is made in a way that the light should enter and disperse from its top facets. Cutting and polishing a diamond give it a new look and add to the beauty of a diamond.

Color of a diamond

Diamond is blessed with all seven-rainbow colors. Nevertheless, people prefer white diamonds on any other color. Colorless diamonds allow light to pass through them. According to GIA (gemological institute of America), the white diamonds could be ranked using a D to Z scale. This scale discriminates the color from light yellow to colorless diamonds.

Flawless to imperfect 3

The next step to grade a diamond is its clarity. GIA judges the clarity by viewing the diamond under 10 powers, or 10x. The standard scale ranks the diamond from “flawless to imperfect 3”. It looks for all the flaws and their locations. It helps in analyzing the clarity of a diamond.


The relationship between the carat and diamond is direct and positive. The carat is the weight of the diamond, for example,

1carat = 1point

100 carat=100 points

It goes this way. If you increase the weight of the diamond, the price of the diamond would also be increased. ask women . Therefore, it is very simple to weigh the diamond.

Diamond according to the 4C formula could easily be appraised.



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