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ultimate guide to shop a diamond
11 June

The ultimate guide to shopping a diamond


Shopping a diamond is not really a hard job to do if you have collected the necessary information about the diamond’s quality and are familiar with the special 4C’s. The special 4C’s include color, cut, clarity, and carat. One thing must be kept in mind that a common person cannot grade a diamond.

Plan a Budget

Flawless and perfect diamonds are not only rare but also costly. By staying in your budget constraint, you could buy a brilliant diamond that is not perfect in a microscopic observation, but is perfect for a naked eye.

Let us discuss all 4 C’s to discover the facts of an original diamond.


Colorful diamonds always attract the visitors. For example, a black diamond or a red ruby will always grab your attention however; the most expensive diamond is the one that has no color. Colorless diamonds reflect more light as compared to tinted ones; therefore, they are more expensive and rare. If you are going to buy a colorless diamond, then do not bother to look for a perfect colorless diamond. You should prefer to buy a diamond that is colorless for a naked eye, but is slightly tinted or yellowish under a microscope. It would not make any difference in quality and your choice but would surely make a huge difference in its price. D grade diamonds are considered very high quality diamonds.


The beauty of a diamond depends upon its cut. A cut on top facets is considered an ideal cut because in this case the light enters from the top and reflects in all dimensions allowing the diamond to shimmer in all his glory while a deep or shallow cut does not let the light reflect completely and the diamond loses its beauty.


This “C” is associated with the purity of a diamond. Some diamonds have inclusions and based on these inclusions, they are graded as perfect or imperfect. A very few diamonds are free of inclusions. Flawless diamonds are very rare and expensive.


Carat or weight of a diamond has nothing to do with the quality of a diamond. It is only something that depends upon your budget. The heavier diamond will obviously be more expensive than the lighter one.

Other precautionary measures

  •  • Conduct a dedicated research to avoid getting expensive or low quality diamond.
  •  • Avoid shopping online.
  •  • Visit to registered companies only.
  •  • Read and observe the GIA grading report before buying



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