Diamond Certification


A jewel reviewing report depicts the key attributes of a precious stone. This confirms the nature of the diamond and lets you know whether or not you can trust the buyer.
At Lion Diamonds, every free precious stone is joined by a jewel evaluating report. The majority of our jewels are preselected to guarantee its quality in shading, cut and clarity. The greater part of our jewels are reviewed with the strictest models by either the American Gem Society (AGS), Gemological Institute of America (GIA), or European Gemological Laboratory (EGL).

Gemological Institute of America

In 1953, the GIA built a point by point evaluating report for jewels. This was the first present day reviewing report for jewels and it presented new evaluating procedures for precious stone shading and clarity. Today, these scales and systems are the business standard. At the point when a precious stone is joined by a GIA declaration, the customer can be guaranteed that their stone has been evaluated by a fair gemologist, who stays valid to trustworthiness, science and polished methodology.

American Gem Society

With its strict measures and fair-minded examination, the AGS has turned into one of the main gemological research facilities on the planet. At the point when a stone is joined by an AGS authentication, the customer can be guaranteed that it contains an exact and impartial assessment of its qualities.

European Gemological Laboratory

The EGL has been certifying with presenting new advancements for precious stone reviewing and confirming jewels measuring under 1 carat. Moreover, the EGL likewise settled the “SI3” assignment for precious stone clarity. At the point when a stone is joined by an EGL testament, the customer can be guaranteed that its gives an exact assessment and examination.