Precious Metal Choices for Jewelry


There’s a wide range of precious metals used in jewelry. Metals play a pivotal role in the manufacturing of contemporary jewelry pieces as they effect durability, appearance, and most important of all, the cost.
Given the fact precious metal jewelry is highly expensive, anyone interested in purchasing it should develop a basic understanding about it beforehand.

Gold Jewelry

No other substance has arguably captured the hearts of mankind more than Gold. Gold jewelry is popular for its luster and rarity. Becoming fashionable at the time of Alexander the Great, gold has continued its dominance in jewelry to this date.

Silver Jewelry

Silver has also been used by mankind in the form of jewelry almost as long as gold. The metal has been mentioned in the Christian Bible’s Book of Genesis, and it also has brief mentions in Islam as it is the only metal that men are permitted to wear. Furthermore, Silver can also be seen in Greek mythology.

Platinum Jewelry

A silvery, white metal, platinum is extremely rare and regarded as even more precious as compared to gold. It is priced significantly higher than all other metals, and is also one of the heavier metals used in manufacturing jewelry.

Diamond Jewelry

Diamonds are undoubtedly the holy grail of jewelry, as they are the most popular metal in the industry. Diamond jewelry is most notably associated with romance, and is commonly appreciated for its style, brilliance, and meaning.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]