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Upgrade your diamond to different size, color & clarity.

Upgrade Your Ring

Despite the fact that your precious stone will everlastingly remain as a cherished memory to you, there comes a period where you must revamp your jewel. Luckily, at Lion Diamonds we make accessible the chance to overhaul the precious stone/jewel ring.

  • Upgrade your precious stone or jewel ring to a greater size, better shading, and clarity, and you will be moving up to a more pleasant precious stone.
  • We acknowledge GIA, HRD, EGL, and AGI ensured stones. We additionally acknowledge non guaranteed stones.
  • You will get full esteem for your jewel or precious stone ring that may be put towards your new purchase.
  • We acknowledge jewels in any condition. On the off chance that you are hoping to redesign or offer your jewel, please go to our store to have your precious stone assessed.
  • If you would prefer not to update, we can purchase the jewel from you.

Lion Diamonds Upgrade Policy

  • The credit on your jewel is singularly in light of the business sector worth and attributes of your precious stone.
  • The cost of your new precious stone may be equivalent to the jewel being exchanged.
  • You may exchange your affirmed or non-guaranteed stones. Our jewel specialists will be happy to sit with you and go over the estimation of your precious stone.
  • The credit quality will be constructed singularly with respect to the estimation of the jewel.
  • On the off chance that your setting fits your new precious stone and is in reusable condition, we will set your new jewel in your unique setting.
  • In case that your unique setting can’t be reused, you have the alternative of keeping the setting or tolerating a credit as controlled by Lion Diamonds.

Diamond Grading Reports

If there is a unique precious stone evaluating report, it must be exchanged reusable condition. Expenses may request any harmed reports.

Contact Us for Inquiries

Lion Diamonds has constantly offered a lifetime jewel overhaul program on any precious stone – GIA, AGS, EGL guaranteed, or non-ensured, bought from Lion Diamonds or somewhere else. On the off chance that you’d like to take in more about our diamond upgrade project, please call us or send us an email.