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White Gold Engagement Ring

Going for the White Gold

While a white gold engagement ring may look just like a platinum ring, the two are very different. A white gold band is more affordable by far than a similar platinum setting, for one thing, quite an important point in its favor. It will also resist marring better than either platinum or yellow gold rings.

White Gold Engagement Ring

Is your intended’s skin tone fair or dark? A white gold band best complements skin tones that are slightly rosy or fair.

If you’re having trouble deciding whether to buy a white gold engagement ring or a classic yellow gold band, it can often be very helpful to take a peek at your beloved’s personal jewelry collection. Most will contain more silver than gold jewelry, or vice versa. One of the biggest clues as to whether a white gold ring will be a big hit or not is a jewelry collection that features mostly silver, rather than gold.

Important hint: If you’ve decided on a white gold ring, make sure she has no allergy to nickel, because that is almost always one of the metals in a white gold alloy composition.

The Stone

Whether your soon-to-be fiancé ends up with a white gold setting or the classic yellow-gold band, the diamond is what catches everyone’s eye in the end. In general, most experts recommend choosing a white diamond for a white gold engagement ring setting. The resulting icy clarity will enhance both the white gold band and the stone.

White Gold Care

Every white gold ring setting will turn slightly yellowish over the years. There is a quick fix for this, available at most diamond shops, which entails a dipping procedure that invigorates the metal’s sheen, bringing it back to its original immaculate white color. This process is very economical, and well worth the minimal effort.