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Yellow Gold Diamond Engagement Rings

Finding the Ring

Is it time to pop the question? Before you plunge into a shiny universe of yellow gold diamond engagement rings, there are a few specifics you might like to know. This brief article will help you to understand what to look for and what to ask about before you make this very important decision.

Yellow Gold Diamond Engagement Rings

The Big Four: Cut, Color, Clarity & Carat

Gemologists and jewelers always talk about the “four C’s” when describing diamonds. It’s a convenient way to judge the quality, and therefore, the price and value of these beautiful stones.

  1. The cut – If you want a sparkly ring, you have to find one with a well-cut center stone. The industry grades the cut of diamonds with a poor-to excellent scale.
  2. The color – Diamonds come in a wide range of colors, and they are categorized by assigning letters from D to Z, with “D” being the very best. You will find a huge price difference between diamonds that are nearly without color and those that are a bit murky.
  3. The clarity – Diamonds are rated by the experts in regard to their clarity, from flawless (FL) to visibly flawed (I3). Since almost no one walks around with a diamond loupe checking the stones in people’s diamond engagement rings, you should be fine with a rating of SI1 or SI2 for your chosen ring’s centerpiece diamond.
  4. The carat – With diamonds, size is measured according to the carat number. Most engagement rings feature a one-carat diamond as the center stone.

Other factors, such as the setting, will figure into your final choice. Yellow gold diamond engagement rings are the classic choice for your ring’s setting.

If you choose a reputable shop like Lion Diamonds, you can’t go wrong by buying the most expensive engagement ring you can afford. That way you’ll know that the ring you put on her finger is as genuine as your love for each other.