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Yellow Gold Engagement Ring

The Classic Moment

Romance is the essence of any engagement ring and the classic yellow gold engagement ring is perhaps the essence of romance. So warm and lustrous, yellow gold is the perfect ring setting choice to show your soul mate just how much you want to share your lives together.

Yellow Gold Engagement Ring

The Classic Engagement Ring

Among the precious metals usually employed to create engagement rings, yellow gold is by far the most popular. If your intended happens to be an offbeat, outside-the-box type of personality, you might want to consider a different metal, such as white, rose, or red gold settings. But if she’s like most women, a yellow gold engagement ring will be her first choice.

The classic design for most engagement rings places a diamond in the center, surrounded by accent stones, or shining alone in the timeless diamond solitaire style. Make your choice by first considering your soon-to-be fiancé’s tastes, and then talking to an expert about the quality and price.

Don’t Assume You Know Her

Before you even shop, it’s a good idea to try to evaluate the kind of ring your beloved will adore for life. Ask yourself questions such as, Is she quiet or outgoing? Does she love and treasure things from the past? Are her home furnishings ultra-contemporary? Is there a common theme in the jewelry and clothing styles she wears? Your answers will provide you with a pretty good sense of the type of ring that will make her light up and say Yes!

Lion Diamonds Group has been recognized as a top NYC diamonds purveyor for over forty years. A big part of our success is the fact that we talk to our customers, get to know them and their needs, and take time to educate them in the finer points of choosing and buying the ideal engagement ring. Come see our specialists or visit us online!